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JE: Loneliest Cloud in the Sky (1/1)

Title: Loneliest Cloud in the Sky
Fandom: Hey!Say!JUMP
Author: chiharu
Pairing: Hikaru/Keito
Rating: G
wordcount: ~5200
Summary: Keito fic. Unbetaed.

The boarding school he attended in Suffolk is a far cry from the jimusho building. Keito tries to think back to those days spent in his dorm room, flipping through pages and pages of English text while the other boys played football on the campus lawn. He looks back on those times with more fondness than the distant memory of his mother, lips pulled tightly in as she held his hand, gazing listlessly at the heavy steps of the building, whispering, “That’s where your father works.”

Nowadays, his mother avoids the topic of the man altogether. She spends her limited time with him by filing through paperwork while he slaves over assignments from school. Occasionally she refills his water, making small talk like, “Are you getting along with the boys?”

“Yes,” he lies, trying not to think of the far-away looks the other juniors regard him with.

“Must be nice to be born to a talented father,” a boy says to him one day. “Your path has already been paved. I guess that’s how people are born into fortune.” Keito doesn’t know the junior and has never spoke to him, so he bites his lips and quickly leaves the hallway.

On a really bad day he has to limp to the changing room, too tired from dance rehearsals and too dehydrated. The line to the coolers is always miraculously longer when he’s around. No one pays attention when he opens his locker to find torn sneakers and ripped clothes. He didn’t think bullying occurred outside of schools, but he’s not entirely shocked at this turn of events either.

He waits silently as the room slowly empties. Pulling at his ripped shirt, he wonders if he can convince his mother that this is the new fashion. Keito doesn’t bother to change into the converses (now not so new) his mother bought for him, opting instead to stay in his dance shoes. At least his wallet is still in tact, he thinks, patting the back of his ragged jeans.

The door to the dressing room flies open then, and another group, supposedly debuted, files neatly in. Hey!Say!7, Keito thinks, and remembers how the members are always mentioned in awe in these hallways.

The oldest boy pays no attention to Keito as he heads to his top locker. Murmurs of “I’m so hungry” and “where’s my towel?” fills the room. Keito sighs and loops his messenger bag over his shoulder, hoping that this group, more experienced, has enough tact not to bother him.

“Bye, Okamoto-kun!” One of the boys chirps suddenly when Keito exits the doorway. He turns around and finds one of the more popular juniors, Nakajima-kun, waving at him.

Sometimes Eric phones him and drones on about life in England, periodically asking about his new career in stardom. “I’m hardly a celebrity,” Keito explains, feeling a small frown tugging at his lips.

“Oh, but you’re a star to us,” Eric laughs, and Keito can only laugh with him.

One day in late July, he catches Morimoto Ryutaro from falling onto the floor after a head-on encounter at a corner of the jimusho. “Thanks,” Morimoto mumbles awkwardly, “I wasn’t looking at where I was going.”

“It’s okay,” Keito smiles. “Neither was I.”

He goes back to shokura rehearsal and thinks nothing of that encounter, but the next time another junior carelessly slips in front of him at the line to the water coolers, Keito hears an annoyed voice behind him comment, “Cutting is wrong and causes unnecessary conflict, Uehara-kun.” Keito turns around to find Morimoto standing not three feet away as he nods for Keito to fill his paper cup.

Ryutaro is quiet and a little introvert, but Keito doesn’t mind the extra presence beside him as he opens his bento during break. “Basically, I’m staying away from Shintaro,” the younger boy explains blandly when he sits down next to Keito in the deserted corner of the room.

But Ryutaro has a different schedule and is not always around; sometimes Keito misses the disapproving glances Ryutaro shoots at particular juniors when they approach Keito. He’s not scared, but just a little lonely.

Keito falls down a flight of stairs in early August after an unnecessary push from behind. He lands on Takaki and Chinen at the bottom of the staircase, both are a little shocked at being pushed onto the floor by an incoming junior.

“Are you okay?” Yamada asks when the collective Hey!Say!7 escorts him to the make-shift infirmary, usually used by juniors to catch a nap in silence or for those in search of Band-Aids and rubbing alcohol.’

“Do you need anything?” Arioka continues. “Ointment? Pain killers?”

Keito stares at his swollen ankle and says, in the softest voice possible that surprises even himself, “I think, I really need a friend.”

“Oh,” Nakajima says in a small tone, kneeling down next to him as he takes Keito’s hand. “I’ll be your friend, Okamoto-kun!”

He doesn’t see Hey!Say!7 again for the rest of that summer, which, Keito thinks, might be a blessing in disguise. He’s a little too shocked and a little too embarrassed at himself, but when Ryutaro looks at him expectedly and says, “Yuto is very kind, no?”, Keito can only nod as tears blur his vision.

After his initial introduction on shokura, Okamoto Kenichi tells him to wait. Keito doesn’t understand what the man means, so he eats his meals in silence while contemplating on how to break the news to his father.

“I don’t know if this route is really for me,” Keito practices saying in his head. “I don’t care about fame and fortune, maybe it would be best if I quit now.” But upon spotting the old photo albums of otokogumi his father still keeps in the study, Keito loses all strength to carry though with the proposal.

A call to Johnny’s office in September changes his life forever, and he can only stare as the other boys make small noises in response. Keito watches as Takaki’s hand tightens on Chinen’s shoulders. He notices the widening of Yamada’s eyes, the horror in Yabu’s stance, and the confusion on Hikaru’s face. Keito pauses and wonder what he is doing. He doesn’t want to be here; he holds no real dream of stardom likes these other boys. Instead, he feels shameful, more so than the time he cheated on a test in primary school.

“Hey!Say!JUMP debuts in three days,” Johnny says after an infinity. “It’s going to be hard; some of you will endure criticism and doubt, but it will be worth it in the end. You each promised to give it your all when you signed up, and I expect nothing less from you all.”

No, Keito thinks, I didn’t sign up for any of this.

No one says anything to him at first. Yabu’s face is set to a permanent frown, and Hikaru spends the majority of his time snapping at the members.

Keito understands when he peeks into a seemingly empty room and finds Ya-Ya-yah huddled in a corner. Taiyo’s usual smile gone as he watches Shoon cry softly into Yabu’s neck. At that point Keito feels sick.

“You have no favorite artist?” Hikaru asks when Julie is done prepping them for an interview a day later. It’s the first thing the boy has said to Keito, and he would’ve gladly replied had it not been for the frown on the older boy’s face, something akin to utter disgust. “Do you even like the jimusho at all?” Hikaru leaves before Keito can reply.

“Naturally, I admire my father,” Keito recites from Julie’s notes quietly as he watches Hikaru’s back. It feels like complete bullshit to him at this point. His voice is dry, and he doesn’t notice his clenched fist until minutes later.

“It’s okay to feel out of place,” Ryutaro says to him before their introduction concert, when the other members prance frantically backstage in search for pieces of their outfits and lost microphones. “But if you tell yourself that you belong, you’ll eventually believe it.” He pauses for a while, taking Keito’s cold hands. “And then everyone else will believe it too.”

“It’s not easy,” Keito murmurs quietly, eyes downcast at this shoes.

“No, it’s not.” Ryutaro agrees, his hold tightening on the older boy’s hands “But you’re not alone, okay? We’ll all new to this.”

“Yeah,” Yuto grins, suddenly appearing from behind Keito. He wraps an arm around Keito’s neck, pulling Yamada in with his free hand. “Us youngsters need to stick together if we want to survive in this harsh, harsh industry.”

“Hey, I’m in this subgroup too!” Chinen giggles as he sneaks in between Yuto and Yamada, who laughs quietly.

“Dude, what about us?” Yabu shouts from the other side near the curtains. He manages to squirm away from a frowning assistant fixing his collar when Daiki and Inoo hop in next to him.

“Forget BEST,” Yuto decides, turning back to the younger group. “They’re old geezers. I live in constant fear of Yabu-kun breaking a hip on stage.” Laughter ensues, and Keito finds himself chuckling when someone pulls him into a headlock.

Everything resembles a roller coaster ride after that: endless interviews and television appearances. Volleyball coverage takes up the majority of their time. Keito spends his days memorizing scripts, counting scores, and jumping up with the rest of his band mates during games.

Hikaru still doesn’t talk to him, which Keito doesn’t try to push too much. He’s a little intimidated by the boy, but mostly a little sad because Hikaru’s grins and jokes are never shared with him. “Forget him,” Ryutaro tells him before crawling into a sleeping position on the other seat. “He’s a complicated dork, it’s not your fault.”

Keito sighs as he flips another page in his book, listening to the humming of the van as it speeds through the expressway. He smiles when Ryutaro’s head lands on his lap somehow.

“What are you reading?” Chinen asks, his head peeking up from the seat behind them. The gymnast blinks when Keito reveals the English title of his book, “Keito-kun is very smart, ne?”

“Hardly,” the said boy smiles. “I still struggle with kanji sometimes. It’s not a win-lose situation.”

“Whatever.” Hikaru comments loudly from the back row. “You should speak Japanese when you’re in Japan.” He ignores the disapproving frown Yabu gives him and returns to listening to his mp3.

No one says anything after that, but Keito is surprised to find Ryutaro peering up at his flushed face from his lap. The younger boy pats Keito’s cheeks softly, almost in encouragement, before drifting back to slumber. Sometimes, Keito thinks, Morimoto Ryutaro is a mystery.

Hikaru corners him a little during the shooting of UMP, but most likely because he has to converse with the other band members. Keito flinches a little at first, but sighs when the camera follows Hikaru away. Sometimes, he questions his own pacifist ideals; Eric would have socked Hikaru if he were here.

“Its not you,” Yabu explains to Keito quietly. “It’s him. He doesn’t hate you, he just really loves Shoon and Taiyo. You understand, right?”

“Yeah,” Keito frowns. “Yeah, I do.”

Back in England he spends most of his afternoons napping; here, sleep is not a luxury he can afford. Most of the boys manage to cram onto empty benches, bus seats, and shoulders to catch a nap or two during break. Keito can’t sleep without the familiar presence of his pillow, so he lets Ryutaro or Yuto or anyone willing rest on his shoulder while he flips through a kanji textbook.

“There’s an empty bed in the next room,” Hikaru speaks up one day, staring at Chinen, who is busy resting on Keito’s arm. “I’m taking him there instead, it’s more comfortable.” Somehow the suggestion sounds a little offensive to Keito.

“I think he’s fine here,” Keito replies softly. “You’ll just wake him up.”

“Not everyone likes a stiff shoulder jabbing them in the face,” Hikaru declares a little too loudly.

Keito closes his book then, peering up at the other boy through dark bang as he meets Hikaru’s eyes. “And not everyone is willing to be antagonistic and harbor an unfair grudge.”

The older boy’s eyes harden for a bit before Hikaru quickly shuffles away and Keito thinks, maybe, he was a little too harsh.

With an apology on his mind, Keito attempts to seek the boy out the next day, only to find an angry Hikaru texting in the hallway. He spots Keito and frowns even more before snapping his phone shut, “What do you want?”

For privacy’s sake, they step into a closet instead. “I didn’t mean to be so rude,” Keito explains while the other boy stands at the doorframe. “You were only trying to help, and I was just feeling bitter then. I’m sorry you don’t like me, but there are probably better ways to deal with your frustration.” He pauses. “You can’t keep blaming me for what happened to Shoon and Tai-“

“You don’t know anything about Taiyo!” Hikaru snaps instead, turning on his heels before slamming the door shut.

Keito stares for a second before sighing. Well, that didn’t go well at all. He reaches for the doorknob, only to stop and blink. The door was locked from the outside. His cell phone is in the changing room with his bag.

Takaki opens the door an hour later, frowning as he takes in the sight of Keito sitting on the floor, legs crossed and head leaning against one palm. “Are you okay?” The broom is digging uncomfortable into his back, and the entire closet reeks of cleaning solution.

“It’s okay, I’m not claustrophobic,” Keito says, and allows Takaki to pull him up by the arm. He flinches a little at the suddenly intrusion of light, only to find Ryutaro holding tightly onto one of his arms.

“But you could have been,” Ryutaro insists, glaring at the taller boys in the hallway.

“Why the hell do you go around pulling other people into remote storage closets to begin with?” Hikaru rambles instead, sulking a little. “You always catch people at the worst times and expect them to act civilized, why didn’t you scream or call out when you couldn’t open the door? I-“

“Just apologize already,” Yamada declares, cheeks puffing out as the other members nodded in agreement.

“Sorry,” Hikaru says at last. “I thought you were just skipping. It didn’t occur to me that you were locked in here.” He pauses, rubbing the back of his head. “Seriously, sorry for yelling at you. Sorry for being such a douche bag.” He blushes a bit. “Just, sorry for everything.”

Silence follows as Inoo darts nervous glances between the two.

“It’s okay,” Keito answers at last. He doesn’t know what else there is to say, with the other eight members surrounding them in the hallway. “I forgive you.”

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Yabu pats Hikaru on the head, almost in a motherly way.

“Aw, group hug!” Yuto declares, wrapping his arms around Yamada and Daiki. The other boys hurdled in, pulling each other towards the circle as the mob of teenagers closed in on Hikaru.

“Hey-no!” Hikaru is shouting and laughing at this point. “This is where I draw the line-hey someone stepped on me!”

It must be nice, Keito thinks as he’s bundled between Chinen and Takaki, to live in the world where everything is worked out with a hug.

In all honesty, Hikaru doesn’t say much to him after that. Keito doesn’t mind, because he spends the rest of the month in dance rehearsals for shokura and going over the track list for the Tokyo dome concert. Shuffling between school and the jimusho becomes an even bigger challenge than before. The only class he hasn’t bombed at this point is English.

“Maybe you should consider enrolling at Horikoshi,” his homeroom teacher advises him. “It’s where the other Johnnys go.”

“Never,” his mother decides, ignoring the noise of disapproval Kenichi makes. “I want him to go to a decent school and finish his studies. I have every intention for him to attend university.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Katsue.” Kenichi replies, massaging his temples. “There’s not enough time in the world for that.”

“Then maybe you should consider these factors before making life-changing decisions for my son,” the woman snaps. It’s the first time his parents have really conversed in a year, and Keito is not surprised. Mentions of divorce and the custody battle always brings out the worst in his beautiful mother.

“This is neither the time nor place for this,” Kenichi replies smoothly as Keito’s teacher glances nervously between the two parents.

“My son is not an underachiever,” Nishi Katsue decides at last. “Give him some time, and he’ll pull his scores up.”

“You’re as accusatory as always,” Kenichi says instantly when they leave the office.

The woman doesn’t say anything in return. Instead, she grabs Keito by the hand and pulls him to her car before driving off, ignoring the shouts behind them. Keito sits wordlessly in the passenger seat until they turn into the street before pointing out, “it’s Dad’s turn to have me this weekend.”

“Screw your dad,” Katsue says, pulling into a one-way street. “We’re going somewhere relaxing. Cancel all of your appointments and call in sick at the jimusho.”

Keito sighs and begins texting Ryutaro to explain his soon to be absence at practice. They’re pulling into the parking lot of Katsue’ luxury hotel when his phone rings. Keito abruptly picks it up when he steps out of the car.

“Ne, are you being kidnapped or something?” Ryutaro’s teasing voice chids from the other end of the line.

“I have no clue,” the boy replies as he follows his mother into the escalator. “What am I missing?”

“Nothing seriously,” Ryutaro’s voice fades slowly, and Keito imagines the boy’s attention to be elsewhere. “We’re still practicing our choreography for next week’s music station, and there may be an interview on Monday, but you’re not actually missing anything. Hold on, I’m putting you on speaker phone.”

“So where are you going?” Yamada’s voice resonates over instead.

“Where are we going?” Keito asks offhandedly when they exit the escalator.

“Karuizawa,” the woman replies.

“Karuizawa, apparently,” Keito repeats into his receiver.

“Lucky!” Chinen adds distantly. “I heard the air is really yummy there!”

“Bring us tons of souvenir back!” Yuto adds.

“Hey Keito,” a new voice registers from the speaker, and it takes Keito a few seconds to realize that it’s Hikaru. “There’s this store in Karuizawa that has limited edition key chains! I’d sell my soul and Yabu’s body to get another one of those, but no one I know ever goes to Karuizawa… You think you can…”

“Sure,” the boy laughs.

He returns on Monday after a weekend filled with attractions and store-browsing; his arms are sore from carrying his mother’s shopping bags, but he manages to haul the gift bag full of souvenirs to rehearsal only to be tackled by Yuto. After handing out specialty cookies, funky glasses, and pamphlets, Keito sighs and looks up to find Hikaru with an unreadable expression on his face.

“Here,” Keito smiles, handing him two small packets. “I got the matching ketai strap too, because it was on sale, and my mother thought-”

“My best friend!” Hikaru declares rather loudly. “Man, I totally love you for this! How can I repay you? Money? Credit? Or do you want my bod-”

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” Keito laughs, attempting to push the taller boy away.

“Hey, you lovebirds!” Inoo shouts. “Get changed for practice already!”

“Stop zoning out!” Ryutaro reminds him suddenly, and Keito blinks to the image of an assistant tightening the material around his wrist. He glances at Yuto and Yamada slowly. “Are you sure this is even safe?”

“It should be,” Yuto shrugs, eyeing the wrist guards linked to the wiring of the suspending system. “I’ve done this before, but it doesn’t get any less scary.”

“Please stop shifting so much,” one of the workers speaks up, tightening the link holder around Keito’s waist.

“Let’s give it a test run,” one of the tech specialists says from the platform at the end of the stage, operating the system. He presses a couple of buttons, and Keito suddenly finds himself pulled towards the ceiling with the rest of the Hey!Say!7 members. The system begins to swing slowly, and the assistant on the ground shouts at the boys to brace themselves.

Okay, Keito tells himself on their tenth round, it’s gonna be fine. That is, until he hears something snap.

“What was that?!” The operator shouts.

“Oh, fuck!” Takaki screams suddenly from ground-level. “One of the links just broke and fell on me!”

“What are you doing?” Julie shrieks, making her way to the operating platform. “Let them down already! It’s dangerous.” She stops behind the monitor and checks the link number before looking up, shouting, “Okamoto-kun! Hold on! One of your waist links broke!”

Keito blinks. He hadn’t even known it was his. “Oh, okay.”

“Put them down already!” Yabu screams as the other boys gather around the operator.

“It’s not that easy!” The man replies hastily. “The suspending system has to slow down first before I can level them to the ground again! We’re a couple of swings away from stopping, and I can’t stop the system yet so-“

“Um, guys?!” Keito feels a sudden surge of panic when he hears something else snap. “I think another one broke!” He feels a sudden pull towards the ground, and suddenly the only thing holding him in air is the band on his wrist. “THIS ISN’T FUNNY ANYMORE!”

“Don’t panic!” Yamada shouts from the other side of the stage; but there’s not much else he can do. He himself is temporarily suspended in the air. “Don’t shift too much!”

“Ouch,” Keito finches when he feels the tugging on his wrist get sharper. The wrist guard is staring to slip.

“Okay, you all, spread out over the floor!” Julie orders suddenly, as the remaining members of BEST ran around the stage, a little lost as to what else to do.

“Hold on, just two more spins!” The operator is shouting at this point. The system is also gradually lowering them to the ground.

Keito sighs a breath of relief, “Okay I-“ A yelp comes out of his mouth instead when the entire wrist guard slips off, and he finds himself plummet ten feet towards the ground. He squeezes his eyes shut, bracing himself for the pain. The impact comes unexpectedly and is warmer than he expects.

“Man, you seriously owe me one!” Hikaru grins from underneath him. “Don’t say I never did anything for you!”

“I,” Keito opens his mouth when Hikaru helps him stand up. He frowns instead when his breathe hitches, and he finds himself shaking uncontrollably. Hikaru notices this too as his hold on Keito’s arm tightens somewhat.

“Are you okay?!” Ryutaro runs towards the two; the other Hey!Say!7 members are already unhooked at this point as eight other boys make their way towards them. In the distance, Julie is busy screaming at the stage team.

“Your wrist is bruised!” Daiki says, reaching for Keito’s arm, only to have the boy pull away in pain. “Sorry! Let’s call a doctor and-“

“I’m fine,” Keito says, although his voice comes out a little uneven. He lets the other boys escort him to a bench, Hikaru never once letting go of his arm while Yuto and Ryutaro latch on to his waist for a tight hug. He looks up again to find three bottles of water shoved in his faces, and even more people surrounding him.

“This will not be overlooked,” Julie drones on. “I’ll contact your father and Johnny, and we’ll deal with the company. A lawsuit may be necessary for this kind of gross neglect on their machines. Any of our talents could have been easily hurt if this occurred outside of practice.”

“I think…” Keito says, “I need to use the restroom.” He pauses at the realization of Hikaru’s grip.

“I’m going with him,” the older boy tells them, and no one bothers to question why it’s necessary. Regardless, Hikaru follows the boy out the stage door and into the nearest hallway before stopping. He doesn’t say anything when Keito turns around and buries himself on Hikaru’s shirt.

“That was… really… scary,” Keito breathe out.

“I know,” Hikaru replies softly, patting the younger boy on the back. “Are you gonna be okay?”

‘Yeah,” Keito mumbles, voice muffled by the other boy’s shirt. “I think so.”

“Good,” Hikaru pulls away first, grinning somewhat as he pats Keito on the head. He makes no indication of noticing the tears in the other boy’s eyes.

On rare days, they sit in one of the many conference rooms, working on homework when all the other rehearsal rooms are occupied. Shokura no longer requires their constant attendance, so Keito finds himself suddenly assigned the position of English tutor to the rest of the boys.

“Okay, try that line again.”

I’m sorry,” Inoo beings to recite with a heavy accent. “I did no understand apple yours.”

I did not know that this is your apple,” Keito corrects the boy. “Next line?”

This my apple!” Daiki counters, reading from his English textbook. “You can’t have it!

Wait a minute!” Inoo resorts, eyes still fixed on his script. “I want this apple!

Wait a minute! ” Yuto mimics, jumping up. “This my teacher! ” He wraps an arm protectively against Keito. “You can’t have it!

Him,” Keito corrects softly, chuckling.

This my friend!” Chinen joins in.

This my boyfriend! ” Yuto decides, causing Keito to nearly knock over his cup of water.

No, this my boyfriend! ” Hikaru shouts, tugging at Keito’s other arm. He slaps Chinen’s arm away. “Why you touch my boyfriend?

“Seriously, you guys.” Daiki cuts in. “We need to work on this skit, or Inoo-chan and I seriously will fail English.”

“Boo,” Hikaru drops the act, but leans on Keito’s back for the duration of their English session regardless.

“And then the princess cut her own hair and used the dagger to kill herself before falling into the sea,” Keito closes the book with a thud. “The end.” He stops to take in the blank expressions from his band mates.

“I thought the little mermaid married the prince?” Chinen asks slowly, raising his hand. “Isn’t this story supposed to have a happy ending?”

“Yeah, that’s just something Disney made up to appease his audience,” Keito shrugs. “The original fairytale doesn’t end that way.”

“But-but,” Chinen’s eyes start to water as everyone around them freeze.

“But see,” Yabu cuts in, setting the gymnast on his lap. “She’s saved by a handsome merman who is willing to forgive her for leaving her kingdom, and the power of love redeems her and they live happily ever after! Right, Takaki?” Takaki is busy texting in another corner. “He says yes.”

“Read another one,” Ryutaro suggests. “I want to hear about knights.”

“I have homework too.” The v-neck loving English Boy points out. “Yabu-kun will read you a story in Japanese now.”


“What about this one?” Inoo asks, quickly pulling out a book from his bag before handing it to Daiki.

“Bishoujo senshi sailor moon?”

“Oops!” Inoo laughs awkwardly. “Wrong book!” He quickly snatches the takubon out of Daiki’s hands and replaces it with a hardcover copy of his English textbook.” He pauses when everyone continues to stare. “What? Everyone likes magic girls!”

“I guess they are pretty hot,” Hikaru muses, rubbing his chins thoughtfully. “Sailor Moon has nice legs.”

“Do they have Sailor Moon in England?” Chinen asks, pulling at Keito’s sleeve.

“I don’t know,” the boy shrugs. “I’m not really interested in girls.”

Silence, followed by-

“Keito, so misunderstood!” Yuto cries out, throwing himself at the boy. “It’s okay! I still support you! I’m still your friend and I won’t be weird or uncomfortable around you or anyth-”

“What are you talking about?” The boy asks, crawling out from underneath Yuto’s arms. “I was just making a comment in general!”

“Oh…” Yuto trails off. “Okay then. It’s not like it matters to me because I’m trying to relate to you or anything, cause I totally don’t understand how you feel, or would’ve felt because you don’t actually feel that way, haha..”

“I saw Yuto making out with Yamada in the bathroom,” Ryutaro confesses at last. “Now that Yuto just put his foot in his mouth there’s no point hiding it.”

“I walked in on them on the floor in the changing room,” Takaki puts in, joining the conversation.

“I saw Yuto grab Yama-chan’s ass on stage,” Daiki adds, shrugging. “Was it supposed to be low-key or something? I’m pretty sure half of the juniors already know…”

Yuto is attempting to suffocate himself with a pillow at this point. Keito sighs and slowly pulls the pillow out of his reach. “It’s okay,” he repeats the familiar words from not so long ago. “I’ll be your friend, Yuto-kun.”

Keito picks up a magazine on his way to practice one day. The newspaper stand is selling issues of extremely old left-overs, and the boy originally plans to pick up the newest copy of Shounen Jump before spotting his mother on a cover. “How much?” He asks quietly, fingering the worn pages.

“Oh, that thing is so old! Just take it, it’s on the house!”

Keito thanks the man and pays for his Shounen Jump before making his way towards the jimusho building, eyes downcast at the magazine in his hands. He nearly trips on the stone stairs leading up to the building before a familiar pair of arms catches him.

“Busy looking at your girlfriend?” Hikaru smirks, taking off his sunglasses.

“This?” Keito blinks, thrusting his magazine up. “This is my mother.” He waits for the other boy to begin sputtering nonsense before adding, “Or, this is her from ten years ago.”

“Oh, man.” Hikaru sighs, scanning his ID card as the door to the building slides open. “Don’t scare me like that.” He takes the other books out of Keito’s hand as the younger boy continues to skim through his magazine. “What’s this?”

Keito blinks. “An American book. It’s required for my English elective.”

When I first open zhe box,” Hikaru reads from the back cover with a botched accent, glancing up only when Keito covers his mouth with a free hand.

“Please don’t,” the younger boy laughs.

DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?” The taller boy continues, scaring a couple of workers currently entering the elevator. He follows Keito out into the hallway before setting the books over Keito’s head. “I like you!

Keito blinks before smiling. “I like you too.

My boyfriend!” Hikaru declares instead, lopping his arm with the younger boy’s as they make their way into the dressing room.

Keito isn’t sure about Hikaru’s humor, but he smiles regardless and lets himself be pulled into the room.


AN: the first half was written at odd hours in the morning when I couldn't sleep and only had a notebook and a pen near my bed. Keito is such a sweety. YOU ENGLISH BOY YOU.

The original Hey!Say!7 mentioned in the beginning was the one active during the summer of 2007. Remember "Hey!Say!"? Yeah, that one. The later ones is the subgroup within HSJ.

Nishi Katsue is Keito's model mother, and Okamoto Kenichi is obviously his father. Apparently they divorced three years ago. Also, if anyone is seriously lost, the suspending thing I'm talking about is that weird acrobatic setup they did during the volleyball tournament.

Karuizawa is a tourist attraction in Japan.. or according to Ouran. Mmm what else? "When I first open zhe box" is from Suju XD

I haven't posted a HSJ fic in awhile, have I? XD I needed a break after that 21 page flist/hsj fic not made to the public.

Love it? Hate it? Please leave some feedback, even if it may be a little late. You can also join the community, since I'll be locking up NC17 fics.
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