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Tastes Like Wintergreen. SHINEE/2PM. Minho/Nichkhun. G.
Nichkhun invades Minho's dorm. College!Au verse.

Minho is greeted by the sunlight streaming through the blinds of his dorm, the familiar sound of his alarm clock going off, and an unfamiliar warmth in his bed. He blinks the sleepiness out of his eyes and nudges Nichkhun a little. The older boy replies with an impossibly bright smile.

“Good morning, Sunshine,” Nichkhun says, easily slipping his hands into Minho’s.

“What are you doing here?” Minho asks, not bothering to shift. He does give Nichkhun’s hand a little extra squeeze, returning the smile.

Nichkhun moves a little closer to Minho. “Late night at the library-my room was too far away.” He pauses. “You really should start locking your door. And where is your roommate, anyways?”

Minho shrugs, the hood of his sweatshirt digging uncomfortably into his nape. He stretches under the comforter, having gotten back late last night and crashed immediately in his bed. His hair still smells of his midnight soccer game. It curls at the tips, a throng of messy bangs obstructing his vision as Minho shakes the dark auburn locks out of his eyes. “Does it matter?.”

“So, I was thinking,” Nichkhun says, having the nerves to monopolize even more of Minho’s pillow. “You and me at the dinning hall. It’ll be a romantic brunch date. We’ll feast over English muffins and lattes while breaking the hearts of the entire female population on campu- Oh,” he stops when Minho begins laughing. “What? I told you, lattes are not girly drinks!”

“No,” Minho manages to reply, having already brought one palm up to cover his laugh. After three months of dating, Nichkhun still attempts to charm him as if Minho was a wide-eyed, freshman girl. “Nothing is funny.”

“Good. I can’t have you thinking I’m silly. It’ll totally ruin my image.” Nichkhun inches closer until his breath is hot on Minho’s skin, until he wraps one arm awkwardly around Minho’s waist and kisses away the sleepiness.

Minho waits for the last little nip of his lips before replying, “You’re already silly, hyung.”

Kiss Me While You’re Awake. U-KISS. Kevin/Alexander. G.
Kevin/Xander sleepover from here

Kevin has an odd habit of sleeping with his arms tucked in between his legs. It’s more of an endearing habit than an obnoxious one. Yet, Alexander can’t help but kick at Kevin’s thighs as he stands over the blond, a mug full of hot cocoa in each hand as he peers down at the boy asleep in his living room.

“Mmmfp,” Kevin manages to say as he rolls over to successfully hit his shoulder against the edge of the coffee table. His eyes fly over as he blinks sleepily at Alexander. “Ouch. I was having a good dream.”

“Oh, come on,” Alexander says, kneeling down to set the mugs on the table. He reaches over to nurse the soon to be bruise on Kevin’s shoulder, watching as Kevin pout in return. “I was only gone for five minutes.” Behind them, the television continues to play a late night variety show. It was on KBS the last time Alexander checked, but upon a second glance Alexander notices that some unrecognizable commercial is now playing on the screen.

“I can’t help it.” Kevin is sitting up now, pulling one knee in as he reaches for one of the mugs- the one with the reindeer design. “You keep feeding me. I can’t fight the food coma!” Regardless, he continues to sip at his cocoa, a content little smile on his face.

Alexander gives the blond a little shove in return. “Don’t be a baby. A real man can hold his food.” He fluffs the closest pillow around them, having gathered all the available pillows around the house and successfully built a fort on the floor while they lounge in their pajamas.

Kevin laughs, the rich sound bouncing off the empty walls of the house. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just compare alcohol to your grandma’s bibimbap.”

“You can’t hold that either,” Alexander decides, stretching into the comfort of his own rug. He vaguely remembers a time when Soohyun had showed up with two cases of soju and Kibum in toll. Kibum and Soohyun had done most of the drinking, and Alexander had joined in from time to time to humor them. Kevin took a few sips and quietly curled against the fuzzy carpet before falling asleep. That is, until Soohyun woke him up by ramming his full body weight into Kevin’s after rolling around the floor, failing his arms endless until he smacked into the wall or Kevin, whichever came first.

Either way, there is no alcohol present tonight. Just Kevin, Alexander, a million pillows, and a stack full of old school American DVDs. They make it through the first three James Bonds in peace until Kevin pulls out a copy of some bad zombie movie. They take turns hiding behind each other until Alexander finally snatches the remote and pauses at a rather odd scene of a zombie devouring a baseball. “I’m thirsty again. You want something to drink?”

“Milk?” Kevin hands Alexander the cups without looking up, legs still pulled in.

Alexander is idly throwing some napkins into the trashcan when Kevin joins him, long arms suddenly wrapping around Alexander’s waist. “Hyung,” Kevin says quietly, his hair tickling the back of Alexander’s neck. “It’s cold back there.”

“Turn on the heater, Stupid,” Alexander says. Regardless, he twists around just enough to set his hands on Kevin’s shoulder. His lips meet Kevin’s easily as he kisses warmth into the boy. Kevin scrunches his nose a little, but his hands soon slip into Alexander’s and pull it to their sides. Kevin tastes like a combination of rice, chocolate, and vanilla. The blond tips of his bangs are now soft, brushing against Alexander’s forehead.

They stop when Alexander suddenly pulls away, rushing back into the living with a shout of “we’re on t.v.!”

Kevin follows with a laugh. They dance all the way through man man ha ni, laughing at Eli’s rap and the way Dongho rolls his eyes on screen when Alexander pushes him. “We were good, weren’t we?” He asks when the performance ends and the MC begins introducing another group. Alexander sprawls all over the floor in glee, his head handing in Kevin’s lap as his arms stretch into the remaining space on the floor.

“That’s cause we’re our biggest fans,” Alexander laughs.

“What about KissMe?” Kevin says, running one hand through Alexander’s hair as he plays with the brunet’s bangs.

“Nah,” Alexander replies. “Kiss me.”

And so Kevin does.

Fold your paper hearts and wear it on your sleeves. SHINEE. G.
SHINee in fandom.

Onew friends Key because they both ship the same elusive, non-canon pairings. Onew thinks Kaitou and Shinichi have potential for further plot development that will bring the series to its best arc yet. Key just thinks they’re just fucking each other.

Minho is a lurker. He’s a member of 350 communities but only has 7 total entries on his journal. Key is convinced that most of Minho’s entries are secretly locked, so he tries to friend Minho on 3 separate journals just in case Minho filtered him out on purpose.

“Have you considered,” Jonghyun tells Key over MSN. “That he really just doesn’t blog?”

“Nonsense,” Key types, and goes to make another sockpoppet.

Taemin’s journal has an embedded playlist that’s always blasting some variation of “Thriller.” He uses home-made icons with weird fonts and has a tendency of overdoing the emoticons. Taemin is deemed a complete n00b in fandom by his second community posts.

Yet, for some reason, Taemin posts an unlocked selca of himself one day, and suddenly people start friending him left and right, calling him “bb” and squeeing about how cute he is. Taemin replies to their comments with a quick, “thankyou! ^^” and makes a note to thank Key for hacking into his account.

Onew is one odd guy. There’s nothing particularly interesting about him, except for the fact that he’s friends with the BNFs of some big fandoms. He shares a lot of scans and feels the need to reply to every comment with a polite answer.

It annoys Onew when people downloads his stuff but don’t comment. He also doesn’t understand why they always unfriend him after a few days, when his mediafire links expire.

Jonghyun writes fics. His works are generally pretty interesting plot-wise, but he dilutes it with bad characterization and dialogue that only 7 year old girls would use, not to mention a whole medley of tenses in every paragraph. He gets an average of 5 comments per fic, even after cross-posting them to at least 10 communities.

One day, Minho teaches him how to center and blockquote his entries. Jonghyun uses it on his next fic, and suddenly the comments come flooding in.

“But,” Jonhyun tells Minho over aim. “Nothing has changed except for the format!”

“Exactly,” Minho replies mysteriously.


People are naturally drawn to Key because he makes snarky but hilarious comments. He also reviews kdramas religiously, keysmashing on a weekly basis during the entire Boys over Flowers season and stretching everyone’s friends page out with huge screencaps spams.

“That guy is such a pairing stan,” someone says on a free for all post.

“Oh,” Key types on Onew’s journal. “Bitch is gonna get it if she thinks Jandi really belongs with Junpyo.” He then goes to make a 10k pairing manifesto about why Jandi should really end up Jihoo (and why everyone should boycott the station unless they change the drama’s script to do as he says).

“Oh, it’s really convincing!” Onew promises, supportive as always.

Onew doesn’t even watch Boys over Flowers.

Jonghyun and Key are friends in real life. Every two weeks, Jonghyun takes a bus to meet Key at their favorite noraebang place. Jonghyun orders a million trays of kimbab while Key sings the Wonder Girls in the background, complaining about how much weight Yoobin has gained and how that one chick from Kara is really a skank.

“Oh, why do I even listen to girl bands?” Key asks at last, snatching a piece of food from Jonghyun’s plate. The machine belts out a very low score, and Key mumbles something about how at least he can dance.

They part ways when the stars finish painting the night. Jonghyun always pays with the promise of, “you can do it next time.” It makes Key smile, just a little, because he knows there will be a next time.

Minho gets a new laptop one day and decides to play with the webcam. He sets up a video conference with Onew, who keeps asking, “no, really, who are you?” even after Minho explains himself.

“Well, shit son,” Key says when he sees Minho. “That’s just not fair.” In the background, Taemin is clapping and commenting on how handsome Minho hyung is. Meanwhile, Onew is still spouting nonsense.

“Wait, what?” Jonghyun says when he finds out. “Minho showed his face?”

“JESUS CHRIST, GET A SKYPE!” Key types back.

Onew stays away from hate memes, but whenever a new one pops up his friends list is always spammed. Onew knows it’s his fault for watching omonatheydidnt, so he clicks on a sparkly link one day and is appalled at the things people had to say about him.

Onew tries to defend himself anonymously. In all honesty, he makes a pretty good argument, except no one takes him seriously because he always forgets to log-out.

Taemin tweets a lot, but most of the updates on his twitter are usually about his new high-tops and the flavor of ice cream he had for dessert.

One of Key’s online personas is a teenage girl named Gwiboon. She likes pigtails and pink nail polish and loves watching America’s Next Top Model, or, at least that’s what Key writes in the profile.

“You’d make a pretty girl :D” Jonghyun tells him in a filtered entry. “I think Gwiboon should write about her super secret GIRL PROBLEMS, you know, to make it more credible.”

Key replies with a short, “URG, I don’t think so >:C”

Three hours later, Gwiboon posts a vague, cryptic post about how a certain boy with the most contagious laugh won’t accept her feelings. Key doesn’t tell anyone that it’s a post about Jonghyun.

I know something like this has been posted before, but this has been sitting on my laptop since July, so I thought, what the hell, may as well post it.

Love it? Hate it? Please leave some feedback, even if it may be a little late. You can also join the community, since I'll be locking up NC17 fics.
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  • Ask.fm drabbles

    Drabble responses from my ask.fm! Go leave me a drabble prompt if you're interested! prompt: someone notices sungyeol is looking pretty…

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