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Je: Favoritism (1/1)

Title: Favoritism
Fandom: JE, juniors, Mis snow man
Author: chiharu
Pairing: Sanazawa
Rating: G
wordcount: ~2000
Summary: Sanada ends up falling for the kid with the plastic cup on his head.

For ♥ mousapelli Happy Birthday! You're an awesome beta and you perverse me like Takki perverses his kouhais 8D FUN STUFF

Sanada knocks the new kid into the water coolers by accident. It’s really not his fault, Sanada thinks. Kato had dropped a fake spider on Sanada, and Sanada had run through the hallway like a madman until crashing into Nozawa at the corner.

“Smooth,” Fukka says while he helps the boy up. “This is Sanada,” he tells Nozawa.

Sanada is busy crawling at the plastic spider.

Ten minutes later, when Sanada finally lets Kato out of a headlock, he turns to Fukka and blinks. “So, why was that boy wearing plastic cups on his head?”

Fukka doesn’t deign that with an answer.

“But where is the green one?” Sanada shouts over the throng of people running around, busy grabbing costumes off racks. Sanada vaguely recognizes a pink boa flying over Inoo’s head before Hikaru steps on Sanada’s left foot in an attempt to grab the last semi-normal outfit in ya-ya-yah’s set.

“Here,” someone says, and Sanada finds himself blinking at the green velvet pants he’s been looking for.

Nozawa smiles at him before walking away.

“So I noticed that you like to dance.” Sanada says as he moonwalks his way to Nozawa’s locker. “I like to dance myself. I think it would be a good idea if we danced, together, in the next medley.” He grins.

Nozawa blinks. “I’m already paired with Iwamoto in the medley.” He smiles sheepishly. “Sorry.”

“That, my friend,” Miyadate says when Nozawa walks away. “Was pure rejection.”

They go to the zoo for Hyakushiki and the custodian teaches them how to clean the lion’s den. Both of them end up with a sore back and hay in their hair, Sanada more so than Nozawa after tripping over a cage of rabbits.

They rest on the small hill outside of the lion’s den while the crew packs up. “If I were an animal,” Nozawa says, leaning back to stare at the sky. “I would want to be a penguin.”

“Penguins are my favorite!” Sanada insists rather loudly.

“That’s cute.” Nozawa smiles and pulls another piece of grass out of Sanada’s hair.

A couple of them gather at a restaurant to show off their new, shiny paychecks. Mostly, Kato Kan orders the dishes while the rest of them munch on appetizers. Sanada is reaching for the last breadstick when Kamei snatches it away. They spend five minutes fighting over it before Nozawa gives Sanada his instead.

“I have a little sister,” Nozawa says. “You act just like her.”

Sanada stares, mouth gaped open. He doesn’t notice Kamei stealing the bread away, again.

Practice ends early when Tamamori’s long swishy piece accidentally gets caught under Miyata’s skates and half of the stage goes down in a mess of flying fabric. Sanada, Kamei, and Kanda fight for the only comfortable couch in ya-ya-yah’s dressing room while they watch an old Conan episode on the black and white t.v.

Sanada ends up sitting on the floor when Kamei sprawls all over the couch, long legs pushing even Kanda off. Nozawa peaks inside a few minutes later and quietly takes a seat next to Sanada.

“I know who the culprit is, “ Sanada tells them.

Senga comes in and switches the channel to an obscure variety show just when Conan comes back from commercial break. They spend five minutes wrestling for the remote. By the time Sanada finally distracts Senga with a shout of “Nikaido!” and changes the channel, Conan is already over and TV Tokyo is busy playing a random shoujo anime.

“Where did Nozawa go?” Sanada asks a few seconds later, suddenly missing having a warm body next to him. He’s unexpectedly relieved when Nozawa comes back.

“Where were you?” Kamei wants to know.

“I went in ABC’s room to watch the ending.” Nozawa shrugs. “Sanada was wrong about the culprit, by the way.”

Sanada usually doesn’t see other juniors outside of the jimusho, apart from Camu and Kamei. Today he rounds the corner of a bookstore and runs head-first into Nozawa.

“Hey there, stranger.” Nozawa laughs when Sanada is picking up used dictionaries and extra pencils from the shop. He hands Sanada one of the dropped notebooks and asks about school.

Sanada thinks about the physics test he just failed and tells Nozawa about being the school’s jump rope champion instead. He gives up a week later and asks Nozawa for help on his homework during break, which ends with Nozawa doing all the math work for him while Sanada doodles in the margins.

That night, Sanada opens up his notebook to cram for his test. Instead he finds Nozawa’s neat handwriting on the last page, with Nozawa’s number and a simple "call me if you need help :)"

Sanada thinks if Nozawa was a girl, Sanada would totally be in love with him.

“He’s such a retard!” Sanada digs his face into his bag and rolls around the changing room floor pitifully while Nozawa watches with a passive expression. “What are we going to do now?”

“You’ll be fine.” Nozawa pats him on the back. “In the mean time you should stop fighting with Taku.”

“I’m not fighting with Taku!” Sanada mumbles, nearly tripping Taiga as he continues being a bum on the ground. He stops when Nozawa pulls the bag away from him, and Sanada looks up to find a calm but serious Nozawa peering down at him.

“Talk with him, okay?” Nozawa says quietly.

Sanada nods faithfully. He goes to Kamei’s house later and they meet face-to-face the first time since the purikura leak. They spend an hour calling each other names and then crying like little girls when Kamei apologizes for ruining their big break.

“We were going to be Sahaku,” Sanada says while they eat icecream from the box. “The first trio to ever debut from the jimusho!”

Kamei calls him a loser and they end up having a sword fight with the spoons instead.

Sanada goes to Nozawa’s house to play the new MORTAL COMBAT video game and ends up staying for dinner.

Nozawa’s little sister comes home after her art lesson and is informed that Onii-chan’s friend is staying over. “Oh,” she says absently while kicking off her shoes. “Sanada? The one who can’t dance?”

Sanada opens his mouth but is at a loss for a reply.

“Why so hurtful, Mika?” Nozawa asks instead, looking up from his bowl of soup.

“I’m a critical person,” she replies before taking a seat next to a speechless Sanada.

Hasshi comes the next weekend, and Mika’s entire face lights up when she spots them in Nozawa’s room. She sits on Nozawa’s bed and refuses to leave the room, despite having to flinch every time Sanada’s character kills a monster on-screen.

“Hasshi-kun.” she giggles, pulling at the boy’s arm. “You’ll stay for dinner, won’t you? I made cookies yesterday. Actually,” she says. “I’ll get them for you right now.”

“I think someone likes me.” Hasshi grins when Mika runs downstairs. “She can’t help it, of course.” He flips his hair.

“This is completely unfair,” Sanada tells Nozawa when Mika comes up with a tray of cookies and refuses to give them to anyone but Hasshi.

“Girls are complicated.” Nozawa shrugs before snatching a cookie off the tray. Mika yelps but does nothing else. She slaps Sanada’s wrist away, however, when Sanada tries to do the same.

They go to Nozawa’s house a month later, and Mika is still crooning about Hasshi.

“I drew a picture,” Mika tells them before pulling a piece of paper out of her notebook.

It’s primitive, but better than anything Sanada could have ever drawn. Mika stands in the middle, holding Hasshi and Nozawa’s hand while “Me”, “Hasshi-kun ♥”, and “Onii-chan” beam in front of rainbows and trees and rivers and ponies. On the side is a hasty scribble, labeled “Sanada.”

“I can’t believe this,” Sanada rants to Nozawa. “This is clear favoritism. What does Hasshi have that I don’t?”

“Eh, talent?” Hasshi chirps over his controller. He dodges the pillow Sanada throws at him.

“Hasshi-kun.” Mika bounces inside again with stars in her eyes. “Do you like my new sundress?” She twirls around, pink fabric brushing against Hasshi’s hand.

Hasshi laughs as his cellphone rings. He excuses himself to answer the call in the hallway.

“Were you seducing him?” Sanada asks, eyes wide.

“Don’t be stupid,” Nozawa says, not bothering to look up from his current game. “She’s too young for that.”

Mika smirks back at Sanada.

“Listen, Mika-chan.” Sanada says gravely, setting his hands on the girl’s shoulders. “Stay away from Hasshimoto, he’s not as great as you think. He’s a dangerous and older boy and it’s not safe for you to be around him!” He takes a deep breath.

“Hasshi-kun isn’t dangerous!” Mika insists.

“He is!” Sanada persists. “He’s so dangerous that you can get pregnant just by looking at him!”

A pause later, Mika bursts out laughing. “Onii-chan,” she says. “Sanada-kun doesn’t know how girls get pregnant!” She skips out to play with Hasshi some more.

Sanada’s jaw drops. He looks at Nozawa, but Nozawa is busy shaking his head in disapproval.

Sanada catches a cold the first day on tour with JUMP, and Nozawa ends up having to baby him because no one else wants to catch Sanada’s plague.

“You really don’t know how to do this?” Nozawa asks while blow-drying Sanada’s hair. He pushes the package of tissues towards the other boy when Sanada sneezes all over the mirror. He combs Sanada’s hair so it’ll stay flat the morning after.

“Nokkun,” Sanada whines in the middle of the night. “I’m cold and I can’t sleep.”

“You’re such a girl.” Nozawa scoots over and lets the other boy climb in. They spend three more hours curled under the comforter until Shintaro and Ryutaro wake everyone in the hall up with their wrestling match.

After three days of living on little sleep, Nozawa falls sick on the last night of the tour. He sleeps all the way back to Tokyo on the bus while the other juniors fool around in their seats, taking pictures of Nozawa and attempting to vandalize his face like they did with Watanabe three rows back.

Sanada guards Nozawa with an umbrella and tells Taiga and Anderson to draw on someone else instead. He freezes when Nozawa’s head falls from the seat to Sanada’s shoulder instead.

Sanada spends three hours staring at a book upside down before falling asleep as well, fingers tangled in Nozawa’s.

Sanada kisses Nozawa in the elevator at the jimusho and runs away when the door opens, leaving a wide-eyes Nozawa behind.

He thinks he has just ruined the best friendship he ever had, and decides there’s nothing he can do besides avoiding Nozawa for the rest of his life. He plans the rest of his tragic life while stuffing his face into a pillow in JR Boy’s dressing room.

Fortunately, Nozawa comes in five minutes later and pulls Sanada in for a second kiss.


Oh, wait.

Mika is an artist.

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